Yair Yona
World Behind Curtains CD/LP + DDL/MP3
(SAAH071) CD: add to cart LP: add to cart / paypal / bandcamp
Anchored by chiming steel string guitar, World Behind Curtains marks the ascendance of Yair Yona from solo steel string acolyte into master arranger, pulling the post-Takoma school of playing along with him into beautifully festooned cathedrals of sound. His exuberant attack on the acoustic guitar can be aggressive and ripe with punk rock muscle, only to return with graceful and yearning fingerstyle caresses. Each of the eight compositions on World Behind Curtains sparkle with multi-instrumental color, alternating between full string arrangements, piano, horns, chimes and splashes of electric guitars. A singular instrumental album. MORE
Chuck Johnson
A Struggle Not A Thought CD/LP+DDL/MP3
(SAAH070) CD: add to cart / LP: add to cart / MP3: add to cart / paypal / bandcamp
Composer and musician Chuck Johnson was a member of Spatula, Idyll Swords, and Shark Quest - influential bands in the Chapel Hill independent music scene of the 1990's and early 2000's, and his early influences of North Carolina Piedmont blues and the "American Primitive" approach are widely evident. A Struggle Not a Thought is Johnson's full length debut, an album brimming with sparkling fingerstyle compositions that are just as forward-thinking and jaw-dropping as any revered documents by the steel-string compositional masters, both past and present. MORE
Sean Smith
Huge Fluid Freedom CD/LP + DDL/MP3
(SAAH069) CD: add to cart LP: add to cart MP3: add to cart/paypal / bandcamp
Instrumental musician and experimental composer Sean Smith conjures fire and sweat, dew and ash through his medium - the guitar. Huge Fluid Freedom is his 4th solo album and a marked departure from strictly solo guitar ventures into stell string-informed rock overtures backed by a full band. The album represents a much wider scope of collaboration than Smith's previous works, resulting in a moving sonic experience ranging from straight up solo acoustic exploration to breathtaking cinematic rock soundscapes. Epic firewalking. First 100 LP mailorders come on clear vinyl. MORE
Red Planet
Ltd. CD/Gatefold LP + DDL/MP3 (SAA067) LP+ DDL add to cart CD add to cart MP3: add to cart / paypal / bandcamp
have received near-universal acclaim with each outing, displaying a steady evolution of their folk-dappled style into shimmering sound pools which, collectively, convey the feel of minimalist film soundtracks. Arborea have come into their own with their fantastic 4th album Red Planet, absolutely the most finely distilled and focused display of their resonant sonic-acoustic vision to date. First 100 LP mailorders come on translucent red vinyl. MORE
Lunar Roulette CD/Ltd. 500 LP + DDL/MP3
(SAAH066) CD: add to cart LP: add to cart MP3: add to cart / paypal / bandcamp
is an acronym for the dream-team avant jazz quartet of Wally Shoup/C. Spencer Yeh/Chris Corsano/Bill Horist. Performed live in the studio for broadcast on KEXP's Sonarchy Radio, Lunar Roulette is an astonishing album brimming with ecstatically passionate excursions into the outer regions of improvised music. SYCH shows exactly why these folks are the world's top players in improvised music and have been for years. Let's hope Lunar Roulette is a harbinger for many more soul-grinding sessions to come. MORE
Sharron Kraus
The Woody Nightshade CD/LP + DDL/MP3 (SAAH063) CD: add to cart LP: add to cart MP3: add to cart / paypal / bandcamp
The Woody Nightshade is the fourth studio album by Sharron Kraus, the UK's cherished modern folk songstress. An expanded take on her dark brand of traditional British and American folk, The Woody Nightshade carries her well beyond the idiom into broader realms of wind-whipped myth, song and sound. Timely and timeless, The Woody Nightshade is a triumph by one of the most original and innovative artists presiding over today's new folk idiom. MORE
Yair Yona
Remember CD/MP3 (SAAH062) CD: add to cart MP3: add to cart /
paypal / bandcamp
Remember is a fabulous and strikingly mature take on American and British guitar styles, updated with well-placed indie and post-rock flourishes and touches of Eastern European folk music. Yair Yona's playing is fabulous throughout, utilizing alternate tunings, syncopations, and an immense compositional instinct to lead a Fahey-type acoustic sound across a smartly placed landscape of electronics, banjo, bass guitar and strings. The sound of a young guitarist distinguishing himself as one of the most vital members of the solo acoustic revival. MORE
Primordial Undermind
Last Worldly Bond Ltd. Edition 500 LP + DDL/MP3
(SAAH061) LP: add to cart MP3: add to cart / paypal
Eric Arn
is the centrifugal force behind Primordial Undermind, the band he has steadfastly navigated throughout the nether regions of avant psych-rock for the past two decades. Recorded live in December 2008 in front of a live studio audience at Amaan Studios in Vienna, Austria, Last Worldly Bond captures stunning performances with impeccable fidelity. Like a heady collision of Amon Duul II (circa Phallus Dei) with classic Austin TX-style garage-psych like ST37. MORE
My Education
CD/LP + DDL/MP3 (SAAH060) CD: add to cart LP: add to cart MP3: add to cart / paypal
Comprised of pieces from the band's original score for F.W. Murnau's 1927 silent masterpiece Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, My Education has discovered the perfect forum for which to flex their compositional muscles, achieving ever-transcendent musical heights in the process. Finding parallels with the timeless soundtracks-as-albums Popol Vuh composed for a number of Werner Herzog's films, Sunrise leaps onto celluloid with confident grace, distinguishing itself as My Education's most diverse and mature release yet. MORE
Sean Smith
Eternal CD/MP3 (SAAH059) CD: add to cart MP3: add to cart / paypal

Eternal finds Sean Smith in peak compositional form, coaxing sensory-enhancing textures from an ensemble of players. His erstwhile acoustic guitar providing the anchor, Smith provides common links with Eastern and Middle Eastern folk music, folk-rock, Appalachian stomp, and Robbie Basho-esque American Raga that bobs and weaves but never ribbons itself away from its common tether. Especially reminiscent of the tilaka-adorned works of Sandy Bull and Peter Walker, Smith has arrived with an elaborate yet introspective offering. Eternal is eternal.
Jack Rose & Glenn Jones
The Things That We Used to Do DVD (SAAH058) add to cart / paypal
Shot expressly for this project in a loft in Brooklyn, NY, The Things That We Used to Do is a very special, intimate performance DVD of Jack Rose and Glenn Jones, capturing the artists playing solo and together with gorgeously shot visual lyricism. The takes are live, but the performances are not in front of an audience; rather, it was three cameras, two musicians, and a home transformed into a studio for a day which created the perfect backdrop for the players and their very personal music. The result is an astounding, one-of-a-kind document of two leading lights of solo acoustic steel string guitar music in their prime, turning in stellar performances.
*Featuring two full in-the-studio sets by Jack Rose and Glenn Jones, and two duets.
*Lengthy interview of the artists together, conducted by Byron Coley.
*Bonus live footage of Jack Rose and Glenn Jones shot in concert at Plays and Players, Philadelphia, PA, March 22, 2009.
*Beautifully packaged in a cardstock amaray DVD sleeve.
*Total DVD Running Time: 2:27:04 MOR
SubArachnoid Space
Eight Bells Ltd. Edition Gatefold LP + DDL (SAAH057) add to cart / paypal
Eight Bells continues in a similar heavy lysergic vein as found on The Red Veil (2005) and Also Rising (2003), but with even more frenzy and depth than ever before. Fusing wicked metallic crunch with celebratory sky-streaking guitar freakouts and some of the band's most narcotized jamming yet, Eight Bells is deep, dark and ecstatically outré - a hard-won document of SubArachnoid Space's unfurling quest to explore an otherworldly confluence. Special limited edition 800 LP version comes housed in a gatefold sleeve featuring stunning new artwork from Stephen Kasner, and includes a download coupon of the album in MP3 format. MORE
Glenn Jones
Barbecue Bob in Fishtown
CD/180gm LP + DDL/MP3 (SAAH056) CD: add to cart LP: add to cart MP3: add to cart / paypal
Barbecue Bob in Fishtown explores the possibilities of classical composition within American folk forms and solo instrumentation. Its precisely this stylistic melding which sets Glenn Jones apart from his modern-day acoustic underground brethren (Re: pal Jack Rose, Sir Richard Bishop, et al). Jones is able to discover and project wide-screened cinema from just 6 & 12 strings, coaxing vivid panoramic images from his sparkling fingerstyle playing. A timeless recording, one to be held up as one of the best examples of the genre by a unique player dubbed by writer Bill Meyer in Signal to Noise as "…an elder amongst the disciples". MORE
My Education
Bad Vibrations CD
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Bad Vibrations
showcases My Education's sonic flights as sharply honed, highly melodic mini-epics. Layers of guitar swell and sway over propulsive rhythms while viola spins yearning melodies ever skyward, sprinkled with delicate color by vibraphone and keyboards. Book-ended by ambient passages pillowing heavy-lidded acoustic strumming languid strings and lap-steel, Bad Vibrations is certainly the finest summation of the Austin, Texas quartet's highly textured and emotive music yet. MORE
Ben Reynolds
Two Wings CD (SAAH054) add to cart
Glasgow, Scotland guitarist Ben Reynolds has been a prominent player in and contributor to the United Kingdom's fertile underground psych/drone scene for many years. A current member of the long-running and highly influential Ashtray Navigations, Reynolds appears on numerous recordings in the tight-knit UK drone cabal, including those by the venerable Vibracathedral Orchestra and Sunroof, and is also active via his duo project Motor Ghost with Directing Hand's Alex Neilsen.
Reynolds puts his electric guitars aside in favor of exploring expressionist acoustic steel string terrain on his astonishing new solo recording Two Wings. MORE
Nels Cline / Wally Shoup / Greg Campbell
Suite: Bittersweet ltd. 180gm LP (SAAH053) add to cart
Saxophonist Wally Shoup, inspired by his collaboration with avant guitarist extraordinaire Nels Cline and Chris Corsano wrestled Cline up to the Emerald City for the Earshot Jazz fest in 2005, and brought in percussionist Greg Campbell for the ride - someone Cline admired very much. In the span of 24 hours, they managed to play the fest, an in-store at Tower Records (RIP), and a session for Sonarchy Radio. The results are now immortalized in vinyl as Suite: Bittersweet, a breathtaking document of this fantastic trio in full flight. MORE

Harris Newman
Decorated CD/ltd. LP (SAAH052)
CD: add to cart LP: add to cart
In contrast to the name of the album, Harris Newman opts for a somewhat stripped-down, almost minimalist approach to Decorated. Extracting elements of folk and blues and exposing it bare, Newman dresses up his music in cinematic, "post-rock" attire. Decorated is accessible solo guitar music for the experimentally minded, a meditative electro-acoustic melding of Leo Kottke and Jim O'Rourke, illustrating why Newman's own take on the tradition sets him apart from the pack. MORE

Photosynthesis CD (SAAH051) add to cart
Portland, Oregon's Plants are blossoming into one of the most expansive ensembles emanating out of today's psychedelic underground. Formed by the wedded musical partners Joshua and Molly Blanchard to explore delicate acid-folk terrain, Plants have evolved well beyond their sparse and mystical roots to sail along a rich and diverse confluence of mind-enhancing streams. Reaching deep within, Plants unfurl Photosynthesis, a haunting foray into gently rippling netherworlds. MORE
Between Hemispheres CD (SAAH047) add to cart
Nonloc is the solo guise of Mark Dwinell, the guitar-slinging ringleader of East Coast spontaneous trance rockers Bright. Nonloc takes direction from the Bright model, but springboards away with a more refined perspective. Between Hemispheres, the second solo album for Dwinell as Nonloc, is a heady excursion into repetition and the unyielding strength of unrepentant melody. Impeccably recorded, Between Hemispheres is a long-playing lullaby for intimate, contemplative twilight stares into candlelight. MORE
Autumn Shade
Ezra Moon CD (SAAH049) add to cart
Autumn Shade
is the nom de plume of Jes Lenee', a stunning young songstress brimming with unbridled talent. Armed with a satchel full of pensively beautiful tunes, Lenee' possesses a voice as pristine as any your ears will have heard in this lifetime. Ezra Moon is a journey into a unique sepia-toned microcosm, one that intertwines folk, chamber music, psychedelia, avant-rock and indie singer/songwriter. An entrancing debut with an understatedly personal and cinematic sound. MORE
The Vocokesh
...All This and Hieronymus Bosch CD (SAAH048)
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…All This and Hieronymus Bosch, The Vocokesh's eighth long player, marks more departures from previous formulas, resulting in some of their finest and freshest sonics yet. …All This and Hieronymus Bosch hosts a surrealistic depth rarely matched in instrumental rock these days - a fantastic entry into The Vocokesh's ongoing psychedelic experiments. MORE
Glenn Jones
Against Which the Sea Continually Beats CD (SAAH046) add to cart
Since 1989, Glenn Jones has led Boston's "avant -garage" instrumental rock band Cul de Sac, whose musical adventures are documented on nine albums to date. Against Which the Sea Continually Beats is the triumphant second album of solo acoustic steel string guitar, eleven tunes which travel from Delta to Appalachia, from classical to a cinematic sort of folk sound in a language that is purely imbued in the artists' own dialect. An instant classic. MORE
Steffen Basho-Junghans
Late Summer Morning CD (SAAH045) add to cart
Steffen Basho-Junghans has tethered his elaborate language into a pristine wedding of sound, resulting in what surely is the most actualized summation of his musical quest to date. Much in the vein of his pastorale epic Rivers and Bridges, Steffen Basho-Junghans harkens back to the heyday of American Primitive guitar, as defined by John Fahey circa Fare Forward Voyagers and America, and the American Raga structures of Robbie Basho. Late Summer Morning is "minimalist trance-folk", a modern masterpiece of where Guitar Soli has gone, and where it can go next. MORE
Primordial Undermind
Loss of Affect CD (SAAH044) add to cart
Eric Arn
and his Primordial Undermind have tirelessly mined the nether regions of avant psych-rock for the past 15 years, resulting in a sonically fertile body of work. Even with a history of taking left turns, it is evident from the get-go that Loss of Affect is a departure for the band. Full-blown, free acid-rock magma surges in molten explosions, intertwined with an expanded palate of instrumentation that includes bass clarinet and various other woodwinds, shakers, electronics and who knows what else. Primordial Undermind ushers rock music outside for some truly deep meditations in sound. MORE
Cul de Sac
CD Reissue (SAAH043) add to cart
A crucial chapter in the development and actualization of the American avant rock underground, ECIM is proudly resuscitated 15 years hence. Boasting an impeccable digital remastering job, the reissue is beefed up with three previously unreleased tunes recorded from the period and rounded out with archival photos and liner notes by Byron Coley, Chris Guttmacher and Glenn Jones. Strange Attractors Resurrection Series, Vol. 5. MORE
Nick Castro & The Young Elders
Come Into Our House CD (SAAH042)
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West Coast psychedelic folkie Nick Castro is currently making some of most dynamic and truly original sounds to emerge from the much-ballyhooed new folk movement. Gracefully immersing 60's/70's British Isles acid balladry with Middle-Eastern traditional music and heady, pan-cultural communal jams, Castro succeeds in reaching otherworldly vistas and ocean-spanning folk transcendence. Come Into Our House marks Castro's most far-reaching and deeply molecular outing yet. MORE
Monster of the Absolute LP/CD (SAAH041)
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Few bands are as adept at evoking the inherent symmetry in otherwise clashing emotions as Paik, and it is this wedding of sonic disparity simultaneously that is so breathtaking. Pulling back the reigns just a bit, Paik funnel their supersonic cyclones into a tightly focused box of thunder with Monster of the Absolute, their greatest balancing act of melody and dissonance to date. No other band mixes together such otherwise polar extremities with such grace and sense of purpose. Monster of the Absolute is the most accessible cinematic pummel of their career. MORE
A Question For the Somnambulist CD Reissue
(SAAH040) add to cart
Originally issued in a miniscule run in 2003, A Question For The Somnambulist traverses dark and hazy landscapes, hypnotic textures laced with electronics and exploratory guitar riffs dripping with effects. Resuscitated from the annals of uber-obscurity for another suckerpunch to your third eye, this reissue includes one bonus track from the sessions and comes in a limited edition of 1000 housed in a deluxe letterpressed and recycled paperboard package. Strange Attractors Resurrection Series, Vol. 4. MORE
Nels Cline/Wally Shoup/Chris Corsano
Immolation/Immersion CD (SAAH039) add to cart
Fans of modern fire-breathing jazz rejoice, for a true meeting and melding of the minds is at play. Immolation / Immersion is the inaugural recording of what will hopefully be more blasts of fury and filigree by three leading lights of improvised music - guitarist Nels Cline, saxophonist Wally Shoup, and young percussionist Chris Corsano. Immolation / Immersion is compellingly dynamic, capturing a full range of destructive force and quiet submersion. MORE
Bells Break Their Towers
CD (SAAH038) add to cart
Fans of minimalist, melodic ambient rock rejoice, for leading lights Bright are back with Bells Break Their Towers, their most sonically taut and elaborately adorned recording yet. Drone and ambient textures, motorik Kraut rhythms and repetitious grooves collide with a tremendously melodic, almost pop sensibility, lending Bright a unique sound. This is improvised rock you can hum to while you drift into trance states. MORE
CD (SAAH037) add to cart
Their seventh full length album in seven years, Brocade is a turning point for Landing, one that simultaneously harkens back to their roots as hushed drone rockers while journeying onwards into starkly minimalist, utterly cosmic terrain. Reverting inward after some of their sunny travels into headspace, Brocade touches on early Krautrock rhythms while delving into traditional psychedelic ambient music. An elegiac lament for Landing's past, and an introspective yearning towards a glistening new phase in their career. MORE
Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle CD Reissue (SAAH036) add to cart
's second full length recording, 2001's Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle, proved that the band was ready to take on the world. Previously issued on the now-defunct Pacifico Recordings in the US, this crucial document of the Kinski tour-de-force has criminally been unavailable since 2004. Now back in print, Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle is a modern classic. Strange Attractors Resurrection Series, Vol. 3 MORE
SpaceLaunch for Frenchie CD Reissue (SAAH035) add to cart
Originally self-released by the band in 1999 in a limited edition pressing, Kinski's debut album SpaceLaunch for Frenchie captures the group in their infancy. Remastered and repackaged, this reissue includes Kinski's ultra-rare five song demo unearthed from the period, featuring two never-before heard songs as well as an early version of a number re-recorded for Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle and an outtake. An auspicious starting point and a complete departure from their later flights of fancy. Strange Attractors Resurrection Series, Vol. 2 MORE
Through the Smoke CD
(SAAH034) add to cart
Following up their darkly hallucinogenic fourth album The Tenth Corner (Strange Attractors, 2004), Vocokesh mastermind Richard Franecki & Co. sequestered themselves in their sonic laboratory, fiendishly concocting the next platter of extraterrestrial psychedelic soundtracks. Through the Smoke is the result, yet another brave excursion into the netherworld of rock. Eerie and sonically provocative, Through the Smoke is one intense mind-moving hallucination. MORE
Pine Cone Temples 2xCD (SAAH3233) add to cart
The four members of Thuja play off each other and the space they inhabit with impeccable instinct, succeeding in creating eerie yet strikingly melodic compositions. Across the grand expanse of Pine Cone Temples' two discs, minimalist hues are brush-stroked into being and slowly unfurl into the atmosphere. Improvised clouds of sound softly erupt to form compositions of immense and precise detail. Assembled from recordings that span 1999-2004, Pine Cone Temples documents the most organic and beautiful ambience Thuja has conjured to date. MORE
Charlie Schmidt
Xanthe Terra CD
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Charlie Schmidt
was a contemporary of his friend and mentor, the late John Fahey, and his own personal universe collided with the master of the acoustic steel string in a very interesting and bemusing manner. Long in the making, Schmidt's debut Xanthe Terra is finally seeing the light of day, and it is a stunner; melancholic musings and gorgeous melodies are offered like midnight prayers through ringing and singing wood and steel. Following firmly in the American Primitive footsteps of Fahey and Peter Lang, Xanthe Terra is glorious guitar soli, an important new work to the new acoustic movement. MORE
Nick Castro
Further From Grace CD
(SAAH030) add to cart
The music of Nick Castro is breathing fresh life and pristine wonderment into an old sound. Induced by flourishes of psychedelic 60's folk bards like Tom Rapp (Pearls Before Swine) and Bert Jansch, laced with flashes of Amon Düül-like acoustic communal atmosphere (circa Paradieswärts Düül) and More-era Pink Floyd, Further From Grace is a graceful tab of Nick Castro's own heady universe, an acid-folk masterpiece advancing today's sound into sparkling new frontiers. MORE
Harris Newman
Accidents with Nature and Each Other CD (SAAH029) add to cart
Accidents with Nature and Each Other is a tremendous leap forward for Harris Newman, a remarkable adaptation of his impeccable Takoma-esque fingerstyle into broader regions of harmonic complexity, texture and structure. Experiments with the raw sounds of the naked steel string and a wider palette of instrumentation augment beautifully his particular brand of guitar soli. The result is a rather diverse array of sounds and structures, all centered on the acoustic guitar. MORE
Cul de Sac / Damo Suzuki
Abhayamudra 2xCD
(SAAH2728) add to cart
Boston's instrumental innovators Cul de Sac teamed up with infamous ex-Can vocalist Damo Suzuki for a tour of the US and Europe in 2002 and 2003, respectively. A pairing for the ages to be sure, for very few others than Cul de Sac operate in the heady and rhythmic sphere as Can did - a perfect modern-day backdrop for Suzuki's free associating vocal approach. Abhayamudra represents what Cul de Sac and Damo Suzuki consider to be the best moments of the 45 dates they played together - nearly 138 minutes of stunning psychedelic avant mayhem, performed live and entirely on the spot. MORE
Six Organs of Admittance
The Manifestation CD Expanded Reissue
(SAAH026) add to cart
Released in the year 2000 in an edition of 500, The Manifestation was a clear, one-sided vinyl 12" featuring a primitive etching of the sun on the B-side. Announcing the reissue of The Manifestation on compact disc, entirely remastered and featuring nearly 20 minutes of conceptual bonus music based on the ancient idea of the "music of the spheres" and the harmonics between the visible planets. Strange Attractors Resurrection Series, Vol. 1 MORE
SubArachnoid Space
The Red Veil CD (SAAH025) add to cart
The Red Veil
is the ninth album for SubArachnoid Space, an astounding recording which finds the band tethering their heady sonic flights to the Earth with ominous gravity, honing their sound into a focused and downright powerful haymaker to the brain. Previous incarnations of the band favored spontaneous flurries into the unknown, but a fresh emphasis on "songs" has coaxed out a wicked force from beyond the haze with a level of fury not felt before. Pummeling, brooding, but always intoxicating, The Red Veil is a stunning augmentation of the band's trademark hallucinatory fire. MORE
Glenn Jones
This is the Wind that Blows it Out CD
***CD Temporarily Out of Stock*** (MP3 format available everywhere)
Most folks know Glenn Jones as guitarist extraordinaire for Cul de Sac, for which his idiosyncratic blend of surf, Middle Eastern, Americana and acid guitar innovations are a signature of the band's much-ballyhooed sound. At long-last, the time is nigh for Jones to release his debut solo album. This is the Wind That Blows it Out is a collection of stylistically ambitious, utterly sublime acoustic steel-string compositions, proving beyond a shred of doubt that Jones is of a rare class of modern compositional guitarists. MORE
Satin Black CD
(SAAH023) add to cart
are wicked conjurers of a seriously delirious thunder, unleashing a maelstrom of sound that is as lilting as it is crushing. Swelling with lush yet careworn soundscapes, Satin Black plays host to a mosaic of textures, decorating arrangements that are majestic in scope but never abandon the will to "rawk". Walls of guitar provide the magic carpet, but Paik is no mere shoegaze or space rock act. At low volume the guitars ring and chime, at blistering volume they are gritty and rugged, a worn-in sound layered with rusted haze. A truly beautiful noise. MORE
Don't Climb On and Take the Holy Water CD (SAAH022) add to cart
In their hometown of Seattle, Chris Martin, Lucy Atkinson, and Matthew Reid-Schwartz of the lysergic-punk band Kinski often play out incognito. Under the guise Herzog, the goal is to experiment with mood, sound construction and interplay by channeling their chemistry into an exploration of their "cosmic" side. These entirely improvised sets have yielded some truly heady excursions into the sonic ether. Don't Climb on and Take the Holy Water is a snapshot of these experiments, "free-ambient" sounds exploring the subtleties of drone, texture and atmosphere. MORE
Steffen Basho-Junghans
7 Books
2xCD (SAAH20/21) add to cart
Steel-string guitar maverick Steffen Basho-Junghans ups the ante with his ninth album, a sprawling and vastly intricate double album entitled 7 Books. The final entry in a series of inter-related albums exploring a new sound possibility and approach to the acoustic guitar, 7 Books returns to the remarkable excursions into the heart and soul of the instrument that first raised eyebrows towards the Berlin-based artist. MORE
The Tenth Corner
CD (SAAH019) add to cart
If your third eye was at all trained on underground psych/experimental rock in the 90's, chances are that Vocokesh streaked like a fiery comet across your strained retinas. Conceived by guitarist/electrician Richard Franecki, Vocokesh seriously tweak the standard rock trio infrastructure by processing the guitars beyond earthly recognition and inoculating the cacophony with an arsenal of vintage analog electronics. With seven songs totaling over an hour of music, The Tenth Corner explores some seriously alien terrain with an elusively mechanical, intensely lysergic sound. MORE
Harris Newman
CD (SAAH018) add to cart
Harris Newman
is a fingerstyle steel-string acoustic guitarist possessing a remarkably detailed and lush sound, and he is creating some of the most lyrical compositions for the instrument to be heard anywhere. Non-Sequiturs is his debut release, a fabulous album of alternately effervescent and deeply mysterious acoustic guitar grandeur. Behold the newest sound from the experimental folk underground. MORE
Cul de Sac
The Strangler's Wife CD
(SAAH017) add to cart
The Strangler's Wife is the original motion picture score by Cul de Sac, for the Roger Corman - produced film of the same name. In the spirit of classic Italian horror film scores of the 70's and soundtracks scored by avant rock bands such as Nosferatu (Popol Vuh), More (Pink Floyd) and Zabriskie Point (Various), Cul de Sac has concocted music of a tremendously detailed, dynamic scope. The Strangler's Wife is a silver screen moment for one of the most expressive experimental rock bands of the last decade. MORE
Rebel Powers
Not One Star Will Stand the Night CD
(SAAH016) add to cart
In 1998, Acid Mothers Temple went on a swing of the UK that sowed the seeds for a new cosmic unit, Rebel Powers. Kawabata Makoto, Cotton Casino and original AMT drummer Koizumi Hajime met up with David Keenan, guitarist for Glasgow's Telstar Ponies and prominent scribe for London's premier new music mag The Wire. The result is magic, but magic of an entirely different sort of conjuring than one would expect. Not One Star Will Stand the Night is the eerie debut release by Rebel Powers, a lonely, sorrowful wander through stark tonal passages and cinematic despair. MORE
Gekkyukekkaichi CD
(SAAH015) add to cart
Comprised of Emi Nobuko (drums) and fellow Acid Mothers Temple compatriots Kawabata Makoto (guitar) and Higashi Hiroshi (bass), the inception of Tsurubami harkens back to 1994 when the three formed the group while they were still members of Tenkyo no To, the precursor to the whole Acid Mothers Temple Soul Collective rainbow gathering. Gekkyukekkaichi is the latest clarion call for Tusrubami, a densely churning, deeply immersing whirlpool of sound, spun from a total state of ecstatic improvisation. MORE
Surface of Eceyon
Dragyyn CD
(SAAH014) add to cart
Dragyyn marks the purest offering of the Surface of Eceyon experience to date. Completely improvised but left unadorned, the music stands completely naked, using no overdubs whatsoever, exposing an astonishing degree of texture, depth and balance. Dragyyn is brimming with tonal explosions and color washes, where introspective passages explore cinematic lullabies and overdriven psyche-rockers spiral like fireballs. This is minimalist psychedelic rock of vast and subtle complexity. MORE

SubArachnoid Space
Also Rising CD/MP3
OUT OF PRINT - Available for digital download from iTunes , Rhapsody, Amazon, eMusic etc.
Also Rising stands apart as SubArachnoid Space's most composed record. Much of the band's output charts effects-laden acid-rock/drone via telepathic interplay, but this time SubArachnoid Space hone ideas crafted from the depths of improvisation to a set of razor-sharp songs that stick with your brain receptors, refusing to leave. The result retains all the magic of their full-blown flights of fancy, but with a solid punch that will leave your mind and body reeling.

Airs Above Your Station 2xLP (SAAH012) OUT OF PRINT
After two full length releases (Spacelaunch for Frenchie and 2001's critically acclaimed Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle), Kinski caught the ear of Sub Pop and have become the label's latest signing. As luck would have it, Strange Attractors was asked to help bring the vinyl version to life. We are extremely proud to release the double LP format of Airs Above Your Station, Kinski's massive, genre-bending third album, with material so utterly epic, it easily reaches far beyond anything this band has released to date. MORE

Cul de Sac
Death of the Sun
CD/MP3 (SAAH011) add to cart
Taking a cue from two tape-based pieces from The Epiphany of Glenn Jones, Cul de Sac embarked on a new path informed by that experience. A remarkably different approach to creating their music unfurled. Samples form the backbone of the album, the blueprint of the tunes. As the foundation became increasingly electronic-oriented, Cul de Sac responded with acoustic textures, and the juxtaposition works magically, a seamless integration. Death of the Sun is the result, by far the most elaborate, difficult, melancholic …and heart-wrenchingly beautiful album of their career. MORE

Steffen Basho-Junghans
Rivers and Bridges
CD (SAAH010) add to cart
Three astounding, singular experimental acoustic guitar albums in three years by Steffen Basho-Junghans have dramatically reinvented the possibilities of the acoustic guitar, offering a radical reinterpretation of the solo steel-string tradition in the process. As groundbreaking as these recent works are, SBJ certainly has not forgotten his roots. Rivers and Bridges marks a stylistic return to those seminal steel-string influences, celebrating the ecstatic beauty of impressionist guitar and folk music across six lush, grandiose compositions. MORE
This is my Ampbuzz CD (SAAH009) add to cart
Chris Martin, guitar scientist for Seattle based heavy trippers KINSKI, ventures far-out into the wild blue yonder with Ampbuzz, his otherworldly & uber-cosmic solo venture. Whereas Kinski graph the nuances of psychedelic instrumental rock via a highly visceral attack, Ampbuzz investigates languid alter-universes wrapped in blurry, hazy, billowing quilts of sound. Exploring cinematic music via lush and detaliled guitar-based ambient music, This is my Ampbuzz is a deep shimmering tidepool on some distant planet, a heavy-lidded wash saturated in mystery. MORE

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Few bands can melt the air with such subtle and fragile precision as does New Haven, CT's Landing. Bridging their droned-immaculate works (Oceanless) and concise tunesmith shimmer (Seasons, Circuit) with mystifying exactitude, our shooting stars-on-the-rise unfurl a defining chapter in their ever-evolving dreamrock canon, the magnificent Fade In/Fade Out EP. Stretching 5 songs over 37 minutes, Fade In/Fade Out encapsulates all points possible along Landing's glistening trajectory of beauty. MORE

Cul de Sac
Immortality Lessons CD
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Captured live in a tiny studio on WBRS radio one afternoon in 1999, Immortality Lessons documents a fantastic Cul de Sac set, one that finds their heady music moving along with liquid grace, linking tune after tune into a brilliant suite of sound. Featuring previously unreleased material plus reworked and totally unique versions of classic tunes, Immortality Lessons billows forth in a flowing stream of composition and improvisation, a bold and seamless display of the very crux of Cul de Sac's elaborate, multi-hued soul. MORE
Planetarium Music
Traditional Psychedelic Electronic Music (Planet 2) CD
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Yume Bitsu's Alex Bundy explores a style of electronic music that originated with predominantly German artists in the early 70's such as Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Popol Vuh's first couple of albums, and was carried through the 80's by artists such as Robert Rich and Steve Roach. In the process of mining this oft-maligned style of experimental electronic music, Planetarium Music has constructed an absolute gem of lush drone-and-drift, Traditional Psychedelic Electronic Music (Planet 2). MORE

Steffen Basho-Junghans
Waters in Azure CD
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Ruminating on themes of structure, space and state, Waters in Azure charts sound sculptures vascillating between alien 12-string slide techniques, resonating 6-string pulses, and chiming minimalist soundscapes that glisten with brilliant tone and color. Steffen Basho-Junghans creates another remarkably foreign, yet utterly beautiful album of solo acoustic guitar music, scouting out musical frontiers entirely of his own vision. MORE

Surface of Eceon
The King Beneath the Mountain CD/MP3
(SAAH004) OUT OF PRINT - Available for digital download from bandcamp, iTunes, etc
Boasting a supreme membership that includes 3/4 of Landing plus the psychedelic vision of Adam Forkner from Yume Bitsu, the exploratory Surface of Eceon create swirling nebulas of blissful soundsmithery. Propelled by a three-guitar attack, The King Beneath the Mountain is a multi-hued cranial cocktail, equal doses of dense, voluminous psyche-rock and muted nocturnal dreamscapes. MORE

Oceanless CD
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Experimenting with rock formulas via expansive and entrancing curtains of sound,Landing is a truly vibrant, celestial-minded quartet of sound painters from Connecticut (via-Utah!). Oceanless, their simply amazing second full length CD, is a saturating wash, a burbling Technicolor stream flooding the senses with brilliant use of sonic color. MORE

Steffen Basho-Junghans
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Evolving from an amorphous folk tradition inspired by Takoma artists John Fahey, Leo Kottke and especially Robbie Basho, Berlin's most enigmatic steel-string guitarist Steffen Basho- Junghans coaxes radically new voices and perspectives out of the acoustic guitar. INSIDE sets folk standards on its collective ear once and for all. MORE

The Lowdown
Revolver II CD
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Something strange is going on in Santa Cruz, California, and The Lowdown operate at its' very apex. Revolver II emerges as The Lowdown's confounding, chemically imbalanced debut full-length recording. Rest assured, the supersonic splatter factor runs high all over this platter. But oh, what a beautiful noise it is! *Drummer Noel Harmonson went on to form COMETS ON FIRE, for which he plays Echoplex! ONLY $5 ppd. MORE