Jack Rose & Glenn Jones
The Things That We Used to Do
SAAH058 DVD (Color, Region-Free)
Release Date: April 6, 2010
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Jack Rose - Acoustic Steel String 6 Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar
Glenn Jones
- Acoustic Steel String 6 & 12 Guitar, Banjo

Jack Rose
1. Gage Blues (3:59) 2. Revolt (3:08) 3. Levee (3:38) 4. Song for the Owl (3:03) 5. Dusty Grass (4:54) 6. Fishtown Flower (3:16) 7. The World Has Let Me Down (5:29) 8. Kensington Blues (3:34) 9. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord (3:26)

Glenn Jones
1. Redwood Ramble Misremembered (4:08) 2. Barbecue Bob in Fishtown (5:09) 3. 1337 Shattuck Avenue, Apartment D (7:49) 4. A Geranium for Mano-a-Mano (4:02) 5. David and the Phoenix (9:31) 6. A Lark in Earnest (3:16)

1. Linden Avenue Stomp (4:28) 2. Miss May's Place (2:50)

In Concert:

Glenn Jones
1. Dead Reckoning (5:36) 2. Keep It 100 Years (2:41) 3. Island 1/Against My Ruin (4:44)

Jack Rose
1. Cross the North Fork (10:51) 2. Luck in the Valley (2:02) 3. St. Louis Blues (4:45)

Interview by Byron Coley (36:52)

Directed by Jesse Sheppard
Total DVD Running Time: 2:27:04

There are a number of forward-thinking musicians performing today as part of a "new guard" of solo acoustic steel string players, valiantly carrying forward the tradition forged by the likes of innovators John Fahey, Robbie Basho, Sandy Bull, etc. Of these players, leading the way is the music of Jack Rose and Glenn Jones, two people who represent a most unique tandem. Best of friends and collaborators spanning two generations of the idiom, Rose and Jones have influenced one another, sharing many similarities in their styles, but also sharing just as many marked differences. Collectively, their body of work offers the most purely distilled representation of the style as it has transformed over the years. The Things That We Used to Do is a celebration of their art, a moving picture snapshot of two players whose passionate devotion to the solo steel-string tradition is equally important today as their mentors Fahey and Basho were in their lifetimes.

Shot expressly for this project in a loft in Brooklyn, NY, The Things That We Used to Do is a very special, intimate performance DVD of Jack Rose and Glenn Jones, capturing the artists playing solo and together with gorgeously shot visual lyricism. The takes are live, but the performances are not in front of an audience; rather, it was three cameras, two musicians, and a home transformed into a studio for a day which created the perfect backdrop for the players and their very personal music to unfurl. The result is an astounding, one-of-a-kind document of two leading lights of contemporary solo acoustic steel string guitar music in their prime, turning in stellar performances.

*Featuring two full in-the-studio sets by Jack Rose and Glenn Jones, and two duets.
*Lengthy interview of the artists together, conducted by Byron Coley.
*Bonus live footage of Jack Rose and Glenn Jones shot in concert at Plays and Players, Philadelphia, PA, March 22, 2009.
*Beautifully packaged in a cardstock amaray DVD sleeve.
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