Primordial Undermind
Last Worldly Bond
SAAH061 LP + Download (Ltd. Edition 500)/MP3
Digital Release Date: November 2, 2010
LP Release Date: January 25, 2011
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Eric Arn - Guitar, Vocals / Meaghan Burke - Cello / Lukas Schöller - Electronics, Noisemakers / Daniel Schmelz - Bass / David Schweighart - Drums, Percussion, Horn

Track Listing:
I Am Afraid of You - Time Being - Wer Tauben Futtert, Futtert Ratten - Never At a Loss - Mai-nyut Wasps - Not An Atom That I Can't Feel

"Reverberating with primitive hallucinogenic drones, garage rock grinds and improvisations that slowly build from half-formed blowouts to cosmic Stockhausen style epics...Primordial Undermind have crawled out of the psychedelic undergrowth and evolved into something special" - Edwin Pouncey, The Wire

Eric Arn is the centrifugal force behind Primordial Undermind, the band he has steadfastly navigated throughout the nether regions of avant psych-rock for the past two decades. Arn cut his teeth in the legendary Crystallized Movements throughout the 1980s, the Twisted Village flagship band that, in its wake, spawned the Wayne Rogers & Kate Village-led freakout troupes Magic Hour (with Damon Kurkowski and Naomi Yang, otherwise known as Damon & Naomi) and Major Stars. Multiple geographic relocations over the years (Arn moves around: from Pasadena CA to Boston, MA to San Francisco, CA to Austin TX and, since 2004, Vienna, Austria) and a revolving door of personnel all but assured each new recording would be a different set of lysergic skree from the previous outing. A wealth of 7" singles, a number of compilation appearances throughout the 1990s, and an armful of albums for September Gurls, Camera Obscura, and Emperor Jones each documented a departure from the last, an ongoing evolution of sound and structure pointing upwards and outwards from their earliest roots as a predominantly song-based psych/punk band, culminating with the all-out experimental rock excursions displayed on 2006's Loss of Affect. Although the PU sound has been in constant flux, it is Arn's frenetic guitar work and unfurling sonic vision which maintains a familiar anchor at its very core. Looking back, the seemingly innocent psych-garage sound of PU's earliest period feels like a distant echo when held up to the infrared light of their newest ozone-depleting blast Last Worldly Bond.

Recorded live in December 2008 in front of a live studio audience at Amaan Studios in Vienna, Austria, Last Worldly Bond captures stunning performances with impeccable fidelity by yet another Primordial Undermind lineup primed to do some supersonic firewalking. Make no mistake, this is no mere live album recorded from the board, these are truly pro recording studio sessions capturing the band in rare form. The new lineup features soaring cello playing by Megan Burke and proto-Japanese psych-rock textures anchored by a palpitating rhythm section interwoven with electronics, and the results are mystifying. Leading off with the astral moon-scrape "I Am Afraid of You", evocative of what an unholy matrimony between Einstruzende Neubauten and Guru Guru may sound like, Last Worldly Bond finds the band mining fertile lands homesteaded by what often times feels like a heady collision of Amon Duul II (circa Phallus Dei) with classic Austin TX-style garage-psych like ST37. In all, Last Worldly Bond captures Primordial Undermind in all of its consciousness-elevating glory, firmly illustrating that this enigmatic band blows the doors off of most acid/experimental/free-rock acts rattling on the cellar door today.

Also available: Loss of Affect CD (SAAH044).
MP3: Download "Time Being", from Last Worldly Bond.

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*RIYL: Amon Duul II, White Heaven, Acid Mothers Temple, LSD March, Magical Power Mako, F/i