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*In October 2005, Wally Shoup invited Nels Cline to come on up to Seattle to perform at the annual Earshot Jazz Festival. While there, inspired by the recent session with Chris Corsano but who was unavailable at the time, recruited Seattle percussionist-du-jour Greg Campbell to provide percussion. They performed an instore at Tower Records and later that evening at the festival. The next day they went to Jack Straw Productions to perform live in the studio for the Sonarchy Radio show which airs weekly on KEXP. The results were transcendent. Suite: Bittersweet is the title, and we are proud to announce that the performance is being offered on audiophile DMM 180gm vinyl and digital download, available November 6, 2007 on Strange Attractors*

*Glenn Jones on WNYC: more radio slots for Jones in NYC - this time on WNYC's revered Spinning on Air program with David Garland. The one-hour feature is archived, so listen to Jones in the studio for performance and interview, including a brand new song debuted right there on the air!*

*Recently Glenn Jones hit the studios at WZBC Radio to play a few tunes and ruminate on the people and particulars that have influenced his music. The folks at Brainwashed have archived the sessions, and you can view them on You Tube. Featuring Jones performing music from his new album Against Which the Sea Continually Beats, plus a couple of brand new song as of yet unreleased*


Autumn Shade "Ezra Moon", from Ezra Moon
Glenn Jones "Little Dog's Day", from Against Which the Sea Continually Beats
Vocokesh "Gazing at the Dust", from ...All This and Hieronymus Bosch

Nonloc is the solo guise of Mark Dwinell, the guitar-slinging ringleader of East Coast spontaneous trance rockers Bright. Nonloc takes direction from the Bright model, but springboards away with a more refined perspective. Between Hemispheres, the second solo album for Dwinell as Nonloc, is a heady excursion into minimalism and the unyielding strength of unrepentant melody. Impeccably recorded, Between Hemispheres is a long-playing lullaby for intimate, contemplative twilight stares into candlelight.*

Portland, Oregon's Plants are blossoming into one of the most expansive ensembles emanating out of today's psychedelic underground. Formed by the wedded musical partners Joshua and Molly Blanchard to explore delicate acid-folk terrain, Plants have evolved well beyond their sparse and mystical roots to sail along a rich and diverse confluence of mind-enhancing streams. Reaching deep within, Plants unfurl Photosynthesis, a haunting foray into gently rippling netherworlds. Invoking images of a quiet solstice ritual involving early Popol Vuh, the fusion-folk of C.O.B., and a flower-powered, V.U.-era John Cale, Photosynthesis is a fresh new perspective from the West Coast folk-psych scene.*

*Strange Attractors artists on YouTube: Cul de Sac have their own page housing seven videos, spanning live performances from 1993-2002, including tunes from the ECIM period and live at the WFMU record fair with Damo Suzuki... Nick Castro performing live at the Tanned Tin Festival in Spain, November 2006...Paik shredding at Terrastock VI...a simply beautiful video from Six Organs of Admittance*

*New MP3s by Primordial Undermind, Steffen Basho-Junghans and Cul de Sac available from our MP3 Station*

*A philosophical conversation with Steffen Basho-Junghans can be found on Perhaps Transparent*

*Paik documents 10 years of avant psych mayhem with Magnesium Fire, a DVD + 3" CD capturing live moments at various locales from 1996-2005, including a full set at Irving Plaza touring in support of Satin Black. Includes as a bonus the long out of print SPACER single on a 3" CD. Released on Paik's very own Beyonder Records imprint, this is available for mailorder from Strange Attractors, so head to the mailorder page, reserved for SAAH-related items, for complete information.*


*Announcing Autumn Shade, our latest addition to the roster. Autumn Shade is the nom de plume of Jes Lenee', a stunning young songstress brimming with unbridled talent, possessing a voice as entrancing as any your ears will have heard in this lifetime. Lenee' is a classically trained piano prodigy, who at the age of eleven was penning songs that won award recognition. Ultimately seduced by the craft of songwriting, Autumn Shade is a marriage of her piano prowess and folk-inspired guitar strumming, imbued in a heady ambiance and enveloped in some of the most angelic, intimate vocals to have come down the pike in some time. Set to splash with their full-length debut Ezra Moon, Autumn Shade has concocted a fascinating foray into an ethereal, yet emotionally raw netherworld. Piano, bass, autoharp, keyboards, violin, hammer dulcimer and percussion are stirred into the mix; adding a healthy penchant for sonic experimentation, Ezra Moon is a journey into a unique sepia-toned soundworld, one that intertwines folk, chamber music, psychedelia, rock and singer/songwriter. Reminiscent of the female artists that helped define the 4AD sound (a la Kendra Smith and Lisa Germano), Lenee's classical roots and compositional sense invoke the avant-chamber feel of Rachel's, if they were fronted by the hazy folk atmosphere Marissa Nadler resides in. Strange Attractors is proud to announce the release of Ezra Moon, slated for March 13, 2007. *

* Cul de Sac's guitarist/contraptionist Glenn Jones follows up his 2004 acoustic steel string debut with Against Which the Sea Continually Beats, hands down his masterpiece and what should prove to be one of the finest examples of solo acoustic guitar to be released in 2007. The eleven tunes which comprise Against Which the Sea Continually Beats travel from Delta to Appalachia, from classical to a cinematic sort of folk sound in a language that is purely imbued in the artists' own dialect. Jones is a true talent and the confluence of music and traditions he is immersed in lends to a very unique take on the acoustic steel string tradition. Look for a release on Strange Attractors come March 13, 2007.*


*Nick Castro
featured on Episode 116 of NPR's All Songs Considered*

*Announcing the addition of Primordial Undermind to the SAAH family! Eric Arn and his Primordial Undermind has been mining the nether regions of avant psych-rock with vigilance for the past 15 years, resulting in a sonically fertile body of work. Arn cut his teeth in the legendary Crystallized Movements throughout the 1980's, the Twisted Village flagship band which, in its wake, also spawned Magic Hour and Major Stars. Just before relocating from Austin, Texas to Vienna, Austria in late 2004, Arn engaged in a furious series of studio sessions with his Austin crew, and the results have been honed down to a fantastic new album entitled Loss of Affect, the most outré document of the Primordial Undermind sound to date. Collective ethno-drone, solo avant acoustic excursions and full-blown free acid rock are synthesized to stunning effect. Loss of Affect is a seriously colorful feather in the cap for the band, ushering rock music outside for some truly deep explorations in sound. Look for this to be released Fall 2006 on Strange Attractors.*

*FANTASY RECORDS TRIBUTE TO JOHN FAHEY - Strange Attractors artists Charlie Schmidt and Nels Cline are featured on a tribute compilation to the late John Fahey. While there's little known yet, including the title, what is known is that there's quite a sample of guitarists, all doing a Fahey piece, all with connection to Fahey…from George Winston to Peter Lang, Rick Ruskin to Steven Grossman. All proceeds go to charity.*


Cul de Sac appear on the new compilation I Am the Resurrection: A Tribute to John Fahey. The band contribute their classic version of Fahey's "The Portland Cement Factory at Monolith, CA", here captured live on KFJC but originally released on Cul de Sac's currently out of print 1992 debut ECIM (to be reissued in expanded form on Strange Attractors later this year); we say classic, because before anyone was covering Fahey in the underground scene or even referencing him at all as any sort of influence, Cul de Sac and guitarist Glenn Jones were right there, keeping the name and legend alive. Other artists found on this tribute include co-producer M. Ward, Lee Ranaldo, Sufjan Stevens, Pelt, Devendra Banhardt and more.*


Thuja Pine Cone Temples has been picked as one of the Top 50 releases of 2005 by The Wire Magazine!*

*NEW EXCLUSIVE MP3: Nick Castro performing "Unborn Son" live with In Gowan Ring, from their recent "Spry in the Horse of Smog" tour*

*A nice little feature on Strange Attractors is up now on the always amazing and crucial Foxy Digitalis site*


Foxy Digitalis has posted an extremely in-depth and eye-opening article on Steffen Basho-Junghans. Its a great read, check it out. SBJ's many releases on Strange Attractors can be found on the catalog page*

Check this Photo of Nels Cline and Wally Shoup playing with Greg Campbell at the record release launch for Immolation/Immersion at Tower Records, Seattle, WA 10/29/05*


We have copies of Nick Castro's fist CD A Spy in the House of God for sale! Head to the mailorder page for more info.

New imprint Tompkins Square has splashed with a wonderful guitar soli compilation that has some
Strange Attractors folks involved! Entitled Imaginational Anthem Vol. 1, the 16-track set spans
40 years of performances from 1965-2005. Along with Pavlov-inducing rarities from the likes of
Sandy Bull
and Takoma Records artists from the day such as Janet Smith, Max Ochs, Harry Taussig
and of course John Fahey, contemporary players including our very own Glenn Jones and Harris Newman
along with the likes of Jack Rose are also in attendance.


Myspace users: check out the Cul de Sac page with music, info and more!*
Nice in-depth feature on Charlie Schmidt out in the Chicago Reader! Click here to read*
Nick Castro is included on the new Wire Tapper 13 comp, produced by London new music mag
The Wire
Myspace users: surf on over to
Nick Castro's page

From the Brainwashed Eye, live video and interviews with Harris Newman, Triple Burner (Newman +
Bruce Cawdron), and Esmerine. Scroll down the page to find the video link and witness the magic from
these fantastic Montreal maestros.

* Harris Newman appears on a few Spring 2005 releases: Esmerine's Aurora, Hangedup's
Clatter For Control
, and Hrsta's Stem Stem In Electro.*

Dreamcore vets Landing are coming back to roost at Strange Attractors after a couple of amazing space-gaze albums on K Records! Since the release of 2004's somnolent pop
masterpiece Sphere, a shift in personnel occurred when founding member Dick Baldwin
moved on. Recruiting longtime friend and frequent tour mate Peter Baumann to fill the gap on synthesizer, the shift in chemistry incited a turn in the band's overall perspective
and approach to their music. Eschewing their time-tested songwriting method, Landing
allowed a confluence of textures and influences to flow outward from each member,
and after many rehearsals, a common interplay previously forged in the studio was
left to blossom organically on its own accord. Compositionally, the end result is
elaborately textured, patient, and hypnotic music of profound intimacy. Their seventh
full length album in seven years, Brocade is a turning point for Landing, one that
simultaneously harkens back to their roots as hushed drone rockers while journeying
onwards into starkly minimalist, utterly cosmic terrain. An elegiac lament for Landing's
past, and an introspective yearning towards a glistening new phase in their career.
NELS CLINE/WALLY SHOUP/CHRIS CORSANO Fans of modern fire-breathing jazz rejoice, for a true meeting and melding of the minds
is at play. Immolation/Immersion is the inaugural recording of what will hopefully be
more blasts of fury and filigree by three leading lights of improvised music - guitarist Nels Cline, saxophonist Wally Shoup, and young percussionist Chris Corsano. The three musicians
play off each other like they have been performing together for years, their spontaneous flights spawning fully formed compositions that unfurl from the atmosphere like sudden
spring thunderstorms. As hinted by the title, Immolation/Immersion is compellingly dynamic, capturing a full range of destructive force and quiet submersion. Jaw-dropping
and essential.

Announcing the addition of Bright to the label roster! With a host of wonderful releases
out over the years on Ba Da Bing! and Darla, Bright are leading (bright) lights in the avant
rock underground since their inception 10 years ago. Drone and ambient textures, motorik Kraut rhythms and repetitious grooves collide with an almost pop sensibility,
lending Bright a unique sound. But what makes the jaw drop with a thud to the floor
is the realization that their music is entirely composed on the spot. Entering the studio,
Bright let it fly, and with a few overdubbs of added instrumentation, the result is head-
bobbing and mind-elevating all at once. Evocative of Neu!, Sonic Youth, Fripp/Eno, the German minimalist rock/ambient tradition and modern underground avant psych, this is
improvised rock you can hum to while you drift into trance states. Look for Bells Break
Their Towers
, the new Bright full length to be released November 1, 2005.*

Announcing two new entries in the Strange Attractors Resurrection Series, our irregular reissue
campaign of lost gems: the first two albums by Kinski! In conjunction with Intellectual Drunks
Records, the new imprint led by Chris Martin and Lucy Atkinson of Kinski, we are proud to bring
back to life SpaceLaunch For Frenchie and Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle. SpaceLaunch..., the band's
debut from 1999, was a private pressing of 1000 copies and thus only attainable direct from the
band or via limited distribution. Capturing Kinski in their infancy and as a short-lived three
piece, SpaceLaunch... truly illustrates Kinski's love of pop and drone, and is certainly much more
of an innocent affair than their later flights of fancy, yet contains some of the band's still-favorite tunes and a great cover of Spacemen 3's "Losing Touch With My Mind". Unavailable for years,
SpaceLaunch For Frenchie
is now repackaged and remastered, and includes as a bonus their
early 5-song demo featuring outtakes and previously unheard recordings...Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle is Kinski's breakthrough sophomore recording, and its skillfull marriage of headiness
and heaviosity received accolades all over the globe. Originally pressed in the US on the
now-defunct Pacifico Recordings and out of print since early 2004, this crucial (and many a fan
claims best) album by Kinski is available again. Look for these reissues to hit stores August 2, 2005*
We are pleased to induct Thuja into the Strange Attractors family! Much has been said about the Jewelled Antler Collective from which Thuja emits its primordial ooze, and of Thuja itself.
A loose-knit assembly of like minded sound ecologists who study the connections between
their immediate environment and self-generated sounds, Jewelled Antler claims a multitude
of music makers in its orbit - Blithe Sons, Skygreen Leopards, Franciscan Hobbies and member Steven R. Smith's solo activities being just a mere cross-section. Thuja remains
one of the earliest and best-known incarnations. By incorporating their particular surroundings with microphones, the four members of Thuja play off each other and the space
they are in with impeccable instinct, succeeding in creating eerie yet strikingly melodic compositions which result in a total immersion of the senses, for both the player and the
listener. Thuja's four albums and a host of CDRs showcase their idiosyncratic improvisations in varying degrees, but none go deeper to the core of perception as does Pine Cone Temples, Thuja's darkest and most sensitive exploration of inner and outer space to date. Look for a
release of this 2xCD in lovely gatefold cardboard packaging come August 2, 2005.
Announcing the addition of Nick Castro and Charlie Schmidt to the roster!

Nick Castro released a beguiling album called A Spy in the House of God last year on his own
imprint Records of Ghaud and it caused quite a stir in the new acid folk circles. Imagine a melding
of More-era Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett solo and a touch of Incredible String Band with modern
fractured folk soundweavers like theTower Recordings and maybe you are in the right sphere.
His sophomore effort is entitled Further From Grace, and with it Castro advances his own heady
universe into futher reaches of sound and song. Further From Grace bewitches with an intoxicating
mood, induced by flourishes of psychedelic 60's folk bards like Tom Rapp (Pearls Before Swine) with
flashes of Amon Düül-like acoustic communal atmosphere (circa Paradieswärts Düül ). Guest artists
include the mighty Josephine Foster and members of Espers, assisting in Castro's backing band which calls

itself the Poison Tree. LP to be released on the ultra-fine Eclipse Records...

Charlie Schmidt is a contemporary of his friend, the late John Fahey, and his own personal universe
collided with the icon of the acoustic steel string in a very interesting and bemusing manner. Long in the
making, Schmidt's debut Xanthe Terra is a stunner; melancholic musings and gorgeous melodies are
offered like midnight prayers through ringing and singing wood and steel, Fahey and Peter Lang referenced but in a voice resoundingly awash in Schmidt's own dialect. Look for both to be released
June 7, 2005 on Strange Attractors.


*May is Mayhem Month at the venerable KFJC out of Los Altos Hills, CA, and thus the station is
featuring in-depth features on a variety of subjects all month. Strange Attractors was the subject of a "Mayhem" special Wed, May 11! Four hours of music and interviews, including exclusive talks with

Steffen Basho-Junghans
, Glenn Jones,
Ryan Pritts of PAIK, and SAAH head honcho Chris Scofield.
Giveaways of SAAH goodies will be had for listeners.*


*Glenn Jones
is the subject of January 2005's "Invisible Jukebox", The Wire's monthly series of audible challenges!
Tested by
David Keenan (Rebel Powers, Taurpis Tula, Telstar Ponies)*

The kind folks at Junkmedia have a Strange Attractors label profile up on their site (May 26, 2004).


*The Wire Tapper 12:
The December 2004 issue of The Wire includes The Wire Tapper 12
2xCD compilation, free with purchase; Cul de Sac / Damo Suzuki are represented with the tune "Berlin 6", culled from Abhayamudra 2xCD! Other artists include The Fall, Damon & Naomi, Henry Grimes Trio, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Matt Sweeney, David Grubbs & Nikos Velotis, Pita, Aesop Rock, Bark Psychosis
and many more!*

SubArachnoid Space is putting on the finishing touches to the packaging for The Red Veil, their
forthcoming ninth album. This is the first recording with the latest lineup, which sees the entry
of Chris Cones (guitar) and Diego Gonzales (bass) - the same lineup that has been
playing live for the past year and a half, so those of you who caught them on their recent US
tour with Acid Mothers Temple already know what the score is. Musically, The Red Veil launches
from the same paths Also Rising was heading down, but follows it much further into the darkest
corridors of the subconscious, exploring dour moods and texture via a heavy, mind-erupting
sound. SAS have incorporated rhythms and structures into their new material that certainly take
it into stoner/gloom metal realms, but the guitars are still pure SubArachnoid Space - that is,
ever-pointed towards that third eye in the sky, unfurling heady and layered tendrils of sound.
This is far-reaching instrumental avant rock, encompassing sounds from a vast array of sources
past and present, the entire package embossed in hair-raising volume. Pummeling, brooding,
but always intoxicating, The Red Veil is astounding stuff, a very welcome new direction
augmenting their trademark psychotropic sound. Look for the new album to hit February 15,

Montreal's six-string slingin' star Harris Newman is finishing up his follow up to last year's
well-received Non-Sequiturs. Newman takes his Ta
koma-esque fingerstyle and pushes it
further, experimenting with the raw sounds of the naked steel string while incorporating a wider
palette of instrumentation to augment his particular brand of guitar soli. The result is a rather
diverse array of sounds and structures, all centered on the acoustic guitar. Languidly gorgeous
melodies and hefty fingerpicking workouts bump up against ghostly harmonics and sonic
textures…folk meets post-rock, opiated cocktail/lounge meets "deltadelica" blues, Leo Kottke,
Sandy Bull
and Ry Cooder meet up with Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Called Accidents with
Nature and Each Other
, it is simply a jaw-dropping sophomore effort, forward-thinking solo
acoustic music with Fahey in the rear view mirror. Look for its release in early 2004.

VOCOKESH Following up their darkly hallucinogenic triumph The Tenth Corner, Richard Franecki & Co.
have been in their laboratories concocting their next platter of unabashedly alien psychedelic
soundtracks. Through the Smoke is the title, and to these ears Vocokesh has mixed in some
more Prog-like elements and even a touch of psych/garage riffing with their swirling Kraut-inspired
mayhem. Vocokesh continue to place pressure on the boundaries of sound, incessantly exploring
cryptic soundscapes via their often times unsettling brand of electronics-drenched psychedelic
rock. Watch out for the Through the Smoke meteor shower to begin sometime in early 2005.
Wear goggles.
Vocokesh have released a CDR entitled Vibe on the Marshead upstart label. Needless to say, it
is another crucial journey down their unsettling, drug-saturated wormhole, testing the furthest
limits of Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel type trajectories. Highly recommended by Strange

Boston's instrumental innovators Cul de Sac teamed up with infamous ex-CAN vocalist Damo Suzuki
for a tour of the US and Europe in 2002 and 2003, respectively. A pairing for the ages to be sure,
for very few others than Cul de Sac, operate in the heady and rhythmic sphere as CAN did - a perfect
modern-day backdrop for Suzuki's free associating vocal approach. However brilliant and almost
obvious a pairing it is, there wasn't much forethought. Having never met each other, Cul de Sac
received an email from Suzuki totally out of the blue, suggesting they collaborate. How did this
come about? Seems that a perceptive fan had slipped a copy of Cul de Sac's second album, the
ubiquitous I Don't Want to Go to Bed, to him at a show. It only took a few months for Suzuki to
listen to it (!!!), but one day as he was cleaning his apartment he popped it on - and promptly
sent the band a request that they tour the US together. The one caveat: no rehearsing. So four hours after Suzuki stepped off the plane in Boston, he and Cul de Sac played their first
show before an enraptured crowd at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA. Everything clicked.
"Instant composing" is Suzuki's terminology for his philosophy of penning songs - not "jamming"
or wanking - on the spot, on stage, letting chemistry and energy dictate the creation and direction
of the music. For Suzuki, nothing is planned in advance. In keeping with Suzuki's spirit, Cul de
Sac allowed the process to flow without rehearsing any new tunes of their own, or playing anything
from their repertoire. The results are nothing short of astounding. Announcing the imminent release of
Abhayamudra, a 2xCD collection of what Cul de Sac and Damo Suzuki
consider to be the best moments of the 45 dates they played together - nearly 138 minutes of stunning
psychedelic avant mayhem, performed live and entirely on the spot. Cul de Sac refract clusters of
electronics, lamenting violin and surf/middle eastern guitar over chugging bass and astounding
polyrhythms, while Damo Suzuki concocts vocal somersaults over the affair, manipulating the direction
of the tunes like it was liquid in a vessel. Truly remarkable. Look for a release in late fall 2004.

Kinski are heading out on an US tour with an extra special guest. Kawabata Makoto, minister of
ceremonies for Acid Mothers Temple, will be joining the band as their third guitarist for the whole tour!
Not certain if Makoto will even be performing solo at all along the route…what is certain is that Ueh, a
languid French band whose one and only album was released by the Acid Mothers Temple label a little
while back, will be opening the entire way. The dates thus far (subject to change and more on the way): July31st Seattle - Crocodile w/ A Frames & Climax Golden Twins Aug 3rd Minneapolis - 7th St. Entry Aug 4th Chicago - Empty Bottle Million Tongues Festival Aug 5th Cleveland - Grog Shoppe w/ Ueh (from France) Aug 6th Boston - Middle East w/ Ueh (from France) Aug 7th Philadelphia - Kyber Pass w/ Ueh (from France) Aug 8th New York - TBA w/ Ueh (from France) Aug 10 Detroit - Detroit Arts Space w/ Ueh (from France) Aug 11th Cincinnati/Newport, Kentucky - Southgate House w/ Ueh (from France) Aug 12th Bloomington, IN - TBA w/ Ueh (from France) Aug 13th St. Louis - Jackpot w/ Ueh (from France) Aug 14th Denver - Larimer Lounge
San Francisco's wizards of dark psych dreamscapes have been invited to tour the US with pals
ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & THE MELTING PARAISO U.F.O.! First date is May 22 at TT The Bear's
in Cambridge, MA. From there, the tour makes its way across the country to the Pacific Northwest
(YEE-HAW! Coming to Portland! -ed), and down through California, where SubArachnoid Space
will leave Acid Mothers in San Diego as they head back across the south.

Full tour dates can be found here Be there or be dreadfully square! SubArachnoid Space is entering the studio to lay down tracks for their new album. Early reports
imply the new material is a bit bleak, a little unsettling, but just as heady and transportive as ever.
More soon, but look for the new album to hit late summer 2004. GLENN JONES No, not the R&B singer, but rather the founding guitarist/contraption player of Cul de Sac, and he has
finished recording what will be his debut solo album! Entitled This is the Wind That Blows it Out -
Solos For 6 & 12 String Guitar,
Glenn Jones has created a masterful, utterly sublime record of
gorgeous acoustic compositions. Most folks know of his unique blend of surf, Middle Eastern,
Americana and acid guitar innovations as a signature of the Cul de Sac sound, but few people know
that Mr. Jones played the acoustic guitar exclusively for many years. From the time his father bought
him his first axe at age 14, Jones never even picked up an electric guitar until the wave of punk rock
broke over his consciousness at the ripe age of 29! Although seduced by electricity, Jones never
fully escaped his roots. Jones is a scholar of sorts on the subject of the steel string tradition, having
written notes found in the wave of Robbie Basho and John Fahey reissues on Fantasy (not to mention
his great essay on Fahey that accompanies his final album Red Cross), and even introduced the music
of Steffen Basho-Junghans to western ears - Strange Attractors among them! Upon Fahey's passing
in 2001, Jones went back to the acoustic guitar with renewed earnest, hints of which can be found all
over Cul de Sac's 2003 masterpiece Death of the Sun and their soundtrack album, The Strangler's Wife.
This is the Wind That Blows it Out is slated for release June/July 2004. In the meantime, for those in
Europe, watch out for information regarding a European tour in May with Steffen Basho-Junghans and Jack
Rose. HARRIS NEWMAN Montreal premier purveyor of "folkadelia" has been invited to come along on the Constellation Records
roadshow! Heading across Europe, Harris Newman tags along with Polmo Popo, HangedUp and Elizabeth
Anka Vajagic
, and will play select shows along the route. Just exactly where that will be is TBA, but he
should pick up some sort of instrument and play with HangedUp as well. A link to the traveling sideshow is
here: Newman has been busy working on his follow up to last year's Non-Sequiturs. Entitled
Accidents with Nature and Each Other, Newman is putting the finishing touches on what promises to be a
stellar sophomore effort. Sneak a peek: MP3's of a couple of tunes from the album can be found on his website.
More news as it comes, but keep an eye peeled for the release of Accidents with Nature and Each Other on
Strange Attractors in Fall 2004.

In their hometown of Seattle, the lysergic-punk band Kinski often play out incognito. Under the guise
Herzog (film buffs should figure all these German names out pretty quickly), Chris Martin, Lucy Atkinson,
Matthew Reid-Schwartz and Barret Wilke channel their chemistry into an exploration of their cosmic side,
performing entirely improvised sets of mind-pillowing ambient soundscapes. While they may be performing
as Herzog, the sum of the parts is still Kinski, and although the intent is to shower the air with slow-raining
space dust rather than their trademark heavy-paisley riffs, ambient drone is still very much an aspect of
the overall Kinski sound. Sometimes they just chose to focus on that only. And that is what the Seattle
alter-ego Herzog, and this project, is all about. Kinski gave a hint to what the Herzog experience was all
about with their 20 minute contribution to the Crickets and Fireflies 3-way split (also featuring partners-
in-crime Paik and Surface of Eceyon), as well as their recent collaboration with Acid Mothers Temple on
the latest Sub Pop split CD/LP. These live experiments have resulted in some quite stellar recorded
trajectories. Strange Attractors is as blissed out as the Seattle quartet to announce the pending release
if Kinski's inner-space experiments. Entitled Don't Climb On and Take the Holy Water, the CD will be
brimming with drones, tones and mellow glissandos - similar in spirit to the live Flying Saucer Attack
disc out a few years ago on Corpus Hermeticum, a disc which focused on the group's hazy sound corridors.
Slated for release May 4, 2004 - stay tuned for details. The band is touring Europe right about now, and
then they will be hitting the studio to record their Sub Pop follow up to Airs Above Your Station
(scant 2xLP copies are still available from us, but not for much longer). Appease yourself in the interim
with their fabulous split with Acid Mothers Temple, available from Sub Pop. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE One of our favorite recordings by acid folk tripsters Six Organs of Admittance is The Manifestation, released
as a clear one-sided 12" with etching on the B-side by Ba Da Bing in 2000. The side-long excursion stirs in
acoustic glimmer and home-spun percussive incantations into some of the most singular sounds our ears have
ever experienced. Ben Chasny, Mr. Six Organs himself, concocted a concept around The Manifestation that
involved the b-side's etching of the sun with the alchemic harmony of the spheres idea - and we here at Strange
Attractors intend to bring it to life! Announcing the reissue of The Manifestation on CD, with bonus music not
found on the 12". It's a little involved to describe in this here format, but it brings to mind Robert Fludd's La
Divinia Musicana
, the theories of Pythagoras, and Harry Smith with lo-fi glitch and searing raga folk. We'll say
nothing more until the time comes…but the cat is out of the bag! Look for release of The Manifestation sometime
in 2004.
CUL DE SAC In 1992, Cul de Sac shattered the term "post-rock" before it was even coined (let alone drastically overused)
with their out-of-nowhere debut ECIM. A tremendous breath of fresh air, ECIM literally sounded like nothing
else. Who can think of anybody that was, at the time, combining psychedelic/avant rock with surf, Eastern
raga, electronics and folk Americana into an utterly unique and idiosyncratic sound not unlike some Dream
Team marriage of Can, Dick Dale, Pandit Pranh Nath, Pierre Henry and John Fahey? ECIM's forward-
thinking innovation ignited the Cul de Sac buzz and set the plate for a slew of simply astounding recordings,
through the 1990's up to the present. Somewhere along the way, the album sold out of its pressings, further
enhancing its infamy in underground psychedelic circles. We are so utterly pleased beyond belief to reissue
one of our personal favorite albums by anybody, an album that has influenced Strange Attractors greatly - Cul
de Sac's ECIM.
Not only is ECIM coming back to life, but the album has been completely remastered and
sounds absolutely amazing. Plus, there are 20 minutes of previously unreleased bonus music, and new liner
notes by scribe Byron Coley. And possibly some archival photos and such. Rejoice! Look for the reissue
of ECIM on Strange Attractors in Spring 2004.

STEFFEN BASHO-JUNGHANS 2003 has been a good year for releases for Berlin's pre-eminent contemporary steel-string guitarist Steffen
. Rivers and Bridges (SAAH010) marked a return to SBJ's impressionist and pastoral works,
exhuming the ghost of Takoma Records and its heroes Robbie Basho, John Fahey, Peter Lang et al with
remarkable beauty and grace. Tracks showed up on two stellar compilations - Wooden Guitar (Locust Records),
and You Can Never Drive Fast Enough (Plain Recordings), collectively alongside such names as Jack Rose, Sir
Richard Bishop, Sonic Youth, Charalambides
and Leadbelly (just to name a mere cross-section of those on the
comps). Now the time is nigh to unfurl one of SBJ's most ambitious works to date - the epic 7 Books, a 2xCD
slated for birth April 6, 2004. In a linear sense, 7 Books is the final work from a set of releases that were
spawned from revelations Steffen had with his steel string guitar and its innate possibilities- those releases
being INSIDE, Waters in Azure (Strange Attractors), and Landscapes in Exile. With about an hour's worth on
each of the two discs, each composition is a book to be opened, studied and ultimately immersed in. Steffen
can reveal a host of micro-universes, ones that he unveils solely out of his instrument, in
real time, with no added instrumentation or effects. An utterly complex and far-reaching achievement by this
maverick of the steel string guitar. More information forthcoming, stay tuned…

Strange Attractors heartily welcomes Detroit, Michigan's PAIK to the Strange Attractors family! Nearly
one year ago, at the fifth installation of the Terrastock festival, our ears, eyes and bodies experienced
a thorough pummeling at the hand of Paik for the very first time. We were left reeling in the wake of their
gloriously dynamic, intoxicating set, enhanced by a seriously otherworldly light and film show. Paik
summon a seriously delirious thunder, using the backdrop of Detroit's industrial playground to inspire a
cacophony of sound and vision. Their music can at once transport the mind into a dazzling cosmic high
as well as ultimately lacerate it beyond recognition. Walls of guitar provide the magic carpet, but this is
no mere shoegaze or space rock act…at low volume the guitars ring and chime, at blistering volume they
are gritty and rugged, a worn-in sound layered with rusted haze. Spread out like a blanket over throbbing
bass lines and a gigantic drum sound, Paik provide a lush soundscape of multiple textures laced with
arsenic, across arrangements that are orchestral in scope and nothing short of epic. The band has
released 3 albums so far (the most recent being the magnificent The Orson Fader on Clairecords),
and share space with Surface of Eceyon and Kinski on the 3-way split CD Crickets and Fireflies,
released late last year on The Music Fellowship. Right now, Paik are working on an ep (release TBA),
but Strange Attractors will be releasing their 4th full length sometime in 2004. Stay tuned for details.
In the meantime, check out their bio on their very own Beyonder Records website, and pick up their
albums, if you haven't done so already.

9/8/03: VOCOKESH
How thrilling it is for us to introduce Vocokesh to the Strange Attractors family! If your third eye was at all
trained on underground psych/experimental rock in the 90's, then no doubt Vocokesh streaked like a fiery
comet across your strained retinas. Vocokesh is a heavens-scraping, amorphous mesh of vintage electronics
and free-form acid soaked rock, exploring some seriously alien terrain with an elusively mechanical and
intensely lysergic sound. Richard Franecki is the mad hatter behind Vocokesh, forming the band to continue
exploring his vision after leaving F/i, the legendary industrial/free-psych band from Milwaukee. In 1991,
Vocokesh released their debut "Ispepaibara" on RRRecords, and so the word was out, screaming, about the
new project from Franecki. From that point on, a slew of head-expanding recordings were released on Drag
and RRRecords, including the absolute classic of 90's psych "Smile! And Point at the Mountain?"
(Drag City, 1995). It's been about 5 years since the last Vocokesh full length (Paradise Revisited, Drag
City, 1998), so fans like me are excited to know that new music has, all the while, been stirring restlessly
in Franecki's lair. A new Vocokesh album is in the can, and the improv psych/electronics trajectories
have not dissipated one bit. And the sound? Ash Ra Tempel, Neu! and early Popol Vuh cut in for a dance
while Metal Machine Music softly plays in the background…er, something to that effect. Transcendent,
gritty, hallucinatory - that is Vocokesh. We are extremely proud to announce the immenent release of The
Tenth Corner
by Vocokesh in early 2004.
SUBARACHNOID SPACE SubArachnoid Space have been picked to perform at this year's Stoner Hands of Doom festival, happening
August 29-31 in Portland, Oregon at Berbati's Pan. SAS are among good company with today's best
underground stoner/heavy/doom rock etc bands, including Sunn O))), Amber Asylum, Porn (the Men Of)
and more. SAS perform on "ladies night", Sunday August 31. For more info, head to the ShoD site Also Rising homepage

***On August 10, 2003, the kind folks at Aural Innovations dedicated the an entire segment of their "Space Rock Radio" program to Strange Attractors! Featured in the hour-long segment are tracks by
SubArachnoid Space, Surface of Eceyon, Landing, Planetarium Music, Cul de Sac, Ampbuzz, Steffen
Basho-Junghans, Tsurubami & Rebel Powers!
Check out a stream of it here.
6/8/03: SURFACE OF ECEYON In seemingly annual fashion, June 3 was Vessyl Day 2003! In addition to the release of Dragyyn by Surface of
, fellow Vessyl collective members (and Surface of Eceyon members) Landing and (((VVRSSNN))) - AKA
Adam Forkner of Yume Bitsu - release albums on the K Records label. Landing offer Passages Through, a tantalizing
morsel of mellow mellow brain candy which so happens to be the most representative recording of their amorphous
ambient head to date. (((VVRSSNN))) finds Adam Forkner in the company of folks like Phil Elvrum (Microphones),
Kyle Field (Little Wings) and others with a heady dose of electronic pop and studio tryps and trykery. Good times for
the cerebellum...3 Lobed Recordings issued Tussyan Ruins by Surface of Eceyon back in April as part of their
Purposeful Availment series. Three tracks from the Dragyyn recording sessions that did not make it on the full length.
Fantastic stuff! TSURUBAMI The Acid Mothers Temple Soul Collective tour is in full swing, and Tsurubami are trampling across the earth along with it.
Tsurubami are comprised of Emi Nobuko (drums) and Acid Mothers Temple cohorts Kawabata Makoto (guitar) and
Higashi Hiroshi (bass). Theirs is a firestorm of sound summoned from the collective depths of free improvisation,
graciously showered upon the heads of those within their sphere. Along with The Pardons and Kawabata Makoto solo,
the clan are winding down their Euopean swing and heading over to the States to wind down some special, sporadic dates.
Check the tour dates to see if they are coming anywhere near you...UK label Riot Season has a disc coming out
June 23; Gekkyukekkaichi is the most recent recording by Tsurubami from October 2002, and this will be released
on Strange Attractors September 2 2003! Stay tuned for details. SUBARACHNOID SPACE San Francisco's fabulous blue collar psych/drone quartet SubArachnoid Space are on tour now! In support of their new
full length album Also Rising, the band are heading east, many dates finding them in the Midwest for a good haul.
They swing back to hit Seattle (first time since Terrastock 4), Eugene and Portland, Oregon (yay for us at Strange
Attractors!). So far the band has shared the stage on this tour with Neil Michael Hagerty, PAIK, Skye Klad and Fuzzhead.
They look forward to dates with such varied acts as Bright, Major Stars, Lockgroove, Pengo, Arco Flute Foundation, Khante,
Point Line Plane, Windy & Carl, Donovan's Brain, Bill Hoirst, Rollerball
and even more slabs of PAIK! Check their tour dates
below and don't miss out on seeing one of the best live psych acts active today. STEFFEN BASHO-JUNGHANS A flurry of activity for Steffen Basho-Junghans culminated in a feature in May's issue of The Wire (on US newsstands now),
but there's more in store for Berlin's steel-string slinger! The folks over at the very cool label Locust Music are issuing a 4-way
split CD entitled Wooden Guitar, a splendid anthology of unaccompanied, acoustic guitar workouts. SBJ is alongside the
amazing modern guitarists Jack Rose (Pelt), Sir Richard Bishop (The Sun City Girls) and Tetuzi Akiyama (bject). Discs are
silkscreened, hand numbered & embossed in an edition of 1,000. This is due to come out end of June. Head over to the
Locust website for more info...The newest Steffen Basho-Junghans recording Rivers and Bridges is $11 ppd. REBEL POWERS The debut recording by Rebel Powers is entitled Not One Star Will Stand the Night, and is scheduled to hit the shops
September 2, 2003! Comprised of Telstar Ponies and The Wire's very own David Keenan, Acid Mothers Temple members
Kawabata Makoto and Cotton Casino, and former Acid Mothers Temple/Mainliner drummer Koizumi Hajime, Rebel Powers
explore the barren corridors of human folly, a slow march of minimalist chiming and layering spread over two extended,
improvised pieces. This is a dense pool of sound that only opens up more the further in you dive. More info forthcoming. CUL DE SAC The band recorded a mesmerizing soundtrack to the Roger Corman produced film The Strangler's Wife - and we think we
may have a release date! Target October 21 on your calendar folks. Art production is underway, and the mastering is in hand.
Cul de Sac conjure vivid scenes from the film with their complex web of avant rock/electronics/middle eastern/folk sound. An
excellent follow up to this year's much acclaimed studio album Death of the Sun. Much more on this subject to come... Strange Attractors is looking to reissue Cul de Sac's seminal debut ECIM. This will include bonus music and possibly some
updated notes by the band. 2004 for this one.
05/12/03: HARRIS NEWMAN Strange Attractors is extremely proud to introduce Harris Newman as the newest addition to our ever-expanding
roster of artists! With a resume that boasts electric/upright bass duties in Constellation Records frayed-folksters
Sackville, and audio mastering work through his Grey Market Mastering company (clients include such Montreal
luminaries as Fly Pan Am, Hanged Up, A Silver Mount Zion and countless others), Harris Newman's solo music
is a beautiful beast of a decidedly different color than the typical Montreal scene. Mr. Newman is a fingerstyle
steel-string acoustic guitarist with a textured style and lush sound who happens to have created some of the
most lyrical compositions for the instrument that these ears have heard in quite some time. In an era when,
seemingly, anyone who plays instrumental music with an acoustic guitar as the centerpiece is automatically
referenced to the late John Fahey, it is refreshing to hear someone whose approach actually comes from a
perspective true to the American acoustic compositional tradition that Fahey and his Takoma Records imprint
helped advance. Non-Sequiturs is the forthcoming debut release by Harris Newman, a fabulous album of
acoustic guitar music with a disposition that is alternately effervescent and deeply mysterious. Newman's
acoustic fingerpicking dances and swaggers, creating a sunny expanse of tunes that are augmented by stark,
introspective passages. Much like Fahey's classic 1967 album The Yellow Princess, Newman juxtaposes
pastoral songs against heady, experimental sound excursions. For a few of the songs Newman is joined by
Montreal-area percussionist Bruce Cawdron, and the combination at times exhumes the exploratory genre-
blending spirit of Sandy Bull's first couple of albums; muted, mallet-driven percussion grooves evoke Billy
-style jazziness as an undercurrent for the tumbling, glistening guitar lines. Non-Sequiturs is a beautiful
album rich in texture and color, a record that should help place Newman firmly in the vanguard of today's
underground folk scene. Harris Newman will be playing some shows this summer in Canada, with more in the
works this fall in the US as well as a glance towards the European continent in the Winter. Look for Non-
to be released on CD by Strange Attractors in October 2003. More information forthcoming. 04/07/03:
Announcing two new recruits to the Strange Attractors roster: Rebel Powers and
Tsurubami! Both of these bands enjoy a
common tie - the uber cosmic guitar spew of Kawabata Makoto, master of ceremonies for psychedelic freak gods Acid
Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso UFO
. Although Kawabata's 6-string prowess fuels the fire behind both
Tsurubami and Rebel Powers, these are no mere Acid Mothers Temple off-shoot projects, but rather full fledged bands
who may be coming your way soon. REBEL POWERS In 1998, Acid Mothers Temple went on a swing of the UK that sowed the seeds for a new cosmic unit, Rebel Powers.
Kawabata Makoto, Cotton Casino and original AMT drummer Koizumi Hajime met up with David Keenan, guitarist for
Glasgow's Telstar Ponies and prominent scribe for London's premier new music mag The Wire, and holed up in South
London's Moat Studios to let the heavenly river flow. With legendary engineer and Moat head honcho Toby Robinson behind
the boards, who has worked with Stockhausen and has recorded the likes of Fushitsusha and Derek Bailey, the circle
was complete to adequately document the happening. The result is magic, but magic of an entirely different sort of
conjuring, a sound that is a unique entry in the ongoing AMT fable. Rebel Powers explore minimalist sound layering via
two long, improvised tracks. Sustained guitar notes chime while waves of concrete percussive clatter and Cotton's
siren wails slowly build momentum. Sounds are methodically layered and gently peeled away, revealing a ringing guitar
chord or two at its very core. Imagine the sort of dark themes and tolling guitar found on Popol Vuh's soundtrack to
, oozing ever forward backed by a choir of banshees. Minimalism is certainly the order of the day, but a sort
of minimalism that has been rendered catatonic, eerie, otherworldly. Rebel Powers shows a different side of Kawabata
than his motor-psycho guitar pyrotechnics, and offers a template for each member to offer their own flourishes.
Although the Rebel Powers recording comes from deeper within the Acid Mothers Temple Soul Collective vaults, that need
not mean the group is therefore relegated to the annals of the archives, nor does it mean this is just another Makoto-led
AMT offshoot. Rebel Powers is laying plans to play some shows and do a bit of touring. In the meantime, Strange Attractors
is proud to release Rebel Powers' debut Not One Star Will Stand the Night, slated to see the light of day in Fall 2003.
TSURUBAMI Tsurubami is comprised of Kawabata Makoto (guitar), Emi Nobuko (drums), and Acid Mothers Temple's Higashi Hiroshi
(bass), formed while they were still members of Tenkyo no To, the precursor to the Acid Mothers Temple Soul
. Of the many high-flyin' Acid Mothers Temple units, Tsurubami could be the most philosophical and deeply
spiritual. The crux of the band hinges upon the deep seeded realization that all three members are linked from a previous
existence to become blood brothers in this life. Via this link, the group adopts the central tenants of Inyo Gogyo as its
central theme - the theory of the two principles of the five elements of Earth (Yin and Yang). Upon entering Tsurubami's
sphere for the first time, it is immediately evident that a higher form of consciousness is at play. Composing their music
entirely from improvisation, Tsurubami whip up a furious windstorm of sound. Resonating guitars drowned in echo-chamber
effects burst with intense volume over restless bass pulses and multi-directional drum patterns, scattering sonic debris
like clouds of pollen over unsuspecting heads. Not all of the Tsurubami experience is fire and brimstone however; sound
streams ebb and flow, finding lilting pockets of relief that are almost yearning and ballad-like. Summoning the fire walking
bliss of Fushitsusha-style psychedelic guitar meltdowns and an exploratory free jazz swing of a BYG/Actuel variety,
Tsurubami is certainly the most liberated unit of the entire AMT family tree. All in all, Tsurubami inspire awe through a raw,
organic display of the subconscious mind exposed. Recorded in October 2002, Strange Attractors is proud to announce the
release of Gekkyukekkaichi, slated to come out in Fall 2003.
STEFFEN BASHO-JUNGHANS Rivers and Bridges, the third release by Berlin's finest string-slinger Steffen Basho-Junghans, is out now and the recipient
of some glowing praise by The Wire, All Music Guide,, Action Man Magazine, Indieville and Junkmedia. A
pastoral return to his Takoma roots, his steel string brilliance dances rings around your ears. $11 ppd direct from our site...
Plenty of activity abounds these days for Steffen Basho-Junghans. A fantastic new compilation on Plain Recordings features
SBJ alongside some serious underground heavy-hitters. Entitled You Can Never Go To Fast, this CD/2xLP tribute to the
1970's underground film Two Lane Blacktop includes all exclusive tracks by Sonic Youth, Sandy Bull, Wilco, Cat Power,
Calexico, Giant Sand, Roy Montgomery, Alan Licht/Will Oldham, Charalambides, Leadbelly
(!) and plenty more. SBJ's contribution
is "Lazy Waters", available only via this comp. Astounding!!! For more information, head to the Plain Recordings website...
At long last, the promised second issue of the fantastic bound book/'zine Yeti is finally out, and SBJ is featured prominently.
An interview with him is included, and two exclusive SBJ tracks bookend the compilation, which also includes incredible
contributions from Six Organs of Admittance, Iron & Wine, Califone, Pell Mell, Bill Horist, Keith Fullerton Whitman and many
more. Woo! For more info go to www.nobrow.orgBorderline is a radio program on central Germany's Free Radio Kassel,
rebroadcast via ResonanceFM and much lauded by the folks at The Wire, among others. SBJ was the subject of a "Borderline
, an entire hour devoted to the man and the music. The show is archived, and if you speak German, then double bonus for you! Check it: Wire has a "Bites" feature on SBJ coming out in their May issue, written
by the wonderful David Keenan. Watch newsstands in May, or stay up to date at The Wire website.
SURFACE OF ECEYON Vessyl day 2003 is coming up! June 3 will see the release of Surface of Eceyon's second disc, Dragyyn on Strange Attractors,
as well as new releases by Landing and (((Version))) (Adam Forkner of Surface of Eceyon and Yume Bitsu), both on K Records.
For those uninitiated to the Surface Of Eceyon experience, the band is comprised of ¾ of Landing, Adam of Yume Bitsu/
, and the post-kraut percussion inventions of Phil Jenkins. Read about Dragyyn here... Surface of Eceyon is
spreading their heady love all around. Three Lobed Recordings is issuing right about now an ep by the band as part of their
Purposeful Availment subscription ep series. The tunes were recorded during the many sessions that lead to the creation of
, but just didn't make the cut. That means it is crucial to get it and get it ASAP. For more info, head to the
Three Lobed Recordings website…The mysterious "label that could not be named" (really, they don't have a name) responsible
for the "authorized bootleg" live LP by Acid Mothers Temple Born to be Wild in the USA 2000 are donning their pirate's cap
once again, this time with Surface of Eceyon as their Shanghi'd subjects. In the works is an "authorized bootleg" LP of SOE
live, to be titled Revenge of Dragyyn. Word has it this will be out late summer/fall, so keep an eye out, and if we get any
more info on the unnamed label's shenanigans, we'll let you know!
CUL DE SAC Death of the Sun is out now and is spinning magic in the heads of many enlightened folks worldwide. The Wire, Junkmedia,
Dusted, All Music Guide, Fakejazz, Indieville
etc have all sung its praises, and the discerning folk at the great Aquarius Records
in SF even picked it shortly after its release as a highlight! It's been a humbling experience working with the band and issuing
this record, as I feel it to be the best and most challenging work in Cul de Sac's 13 year career. Head to the Death of the Sun
...Reprising last year's glorious meeting, Cul de Sac have collaborated with legendary ex-Can vocalist Damo Suzuki
again. Right now they are wrapping up a tour of Europe, Cul de Sac's first ever jaunt to the continent! Remaining tour dates
are listed on the shows/tours page. KINSKI Airs Above Your Station is the latest epic offering by Seattle's hands-down best quartet, an album rich in density and detail,
alternately riff-a-delic and pillowed in subtle drone waves that curl up in that soft spot in your head, refusing to detach. They
are on Sub Pop, but we issued a gatefold 2xLP. This is a strictly limited pressing of 1000, and they are going very very fast…but
hey, if you haven't picked up this amazing album on the superior vinyl format, there's still time before they are gone gone gone
and only to found ripping you off on Ebay! Get it here while the getting's still good...The band has embarked on a full US tour
through the month of April, so check the tour dates below to see when they are coming near you.


Cul de Sac is on the move. The band is planning a reprise of their fantastic collaboration with legendary ex-CAN vocalist
Damo Suzuki, a meeting and melding of the minds which torched up clubs and electrified radio airwaves across the eastern
half of the United States and Canada last year. Would you believe Mr. Suzuki and Cul de Sac met just one day before they
embarked on tour, without a single rehearsal? If you caught any of these shows…to think it was all of-the-moment seriously
jars all logic from the brain. But the magic and telepathy that occurred was entirely spontaneous. Some things were just
meant to be…Beginning March 21, Cul de Sac head for Europe, joining up with Damo Suzuki for the band's first-ever overseas
tour. Details are listed in the tour section...
Death of the Sunis the band's first studio recording since 1999's epochal
Crashes to Light, Minutes to its Fall
album on Thirsty Ear (last year's sublime live radio performance Immortality Lessons
notwithstanding), and the first release with the new lineup. Is it ever a scorcher, a total jaw-dropper. Death of the Sun
is out now! Head to the official DOTS page for more information.

Steffen Basho-Junghans
is the subject of a lengthy feature in the latest issue of Sound Collector (#8), the great bound 'zine
targeting all sorts of laudable audibles. Written by Bill Meyer (who composed the liner notes for the Rivers and Bridges), the
article really taps into the source of a truly innovative musician, not to mention a remarkably fascinating individual. An exclusive
track is featured on the accompanying SC compilation, "PS", an outtake from the INSIDE sessions. Hunt it down - Sound
is an oasis of aesthetic integrity in a largely empty hole we like to call the "music industry". Rivers and Bridges is
out now, $11ppd! Head to the official Rivers and Bridges page for more information.

San Francisco's levitating instrumentalists SubArachnoid Space announce the release of their fantastic eight album, Also Rising,
coming out on Strange Attractors April 8! Long revered for their improvised flights of modern acid rock experimentation, Also Rising
finds the band honing their craft into a finely sharpened prism, a record aimed for your gut as well as your head. Also Rising is the
new revelatory oracle, the band's most powerful, focused and simply finest recording to date. Watch for details as to when the album
will be available for mail order...surprisingly, there are still copies floating about of their split LP with BARDO POND, on Camera
. Tigris/Euphrates is the name, and oh man, is this ever the shit! Fucking essential! This is a limited pressing of 500 on
silky smooth Czech vinyl. Head to the Camera Obscura page for full info, and purchase there or at Eclipse-Records Mailorder (ideal
for US domestic customers) …SubArachnoid Space are hell-bent to embark upon a US tour in support for Also Rising, so watch your
back, they're coming for you…more details on that in the not-so-distant future, but in the meantime, dig their impeccable website,
chock full of photos, bio/discography/show info, exclusive news and chat page.

Surface of Eceyon have completed recording and mixing their new album, entitled Dragyyn! Get ready for some serious trajectory
into inner space…this is a sprawling masterpiece of sonic nuance, extended trips of improvised minimalist psychedelia for the modern
age. We are looking towards June 4 as a release date, so hang in there…Oh yeah, and they put the "y" in "Eceon", where before it was
conspicuously absent. It's not a typo. Not very Drystonnian of them to leave out the all-important letter "y", but when you occupy the outer reaches of Dryystan and are engulfed in the grips of the Golden Vessyl of Sound, sometimes these things can be forgotten. No worries, same great fucking band! In other news, Surface of Eceyon are guest stars on two new comps. Firstly, they offer up "Amber Light" on the compilation CD included in the latest issue of Masstransfer. This is an exclusive track, so hunt/kill to get your grubby hands on the mind expansion. More info can be found at the Masstransfer website…Crickets and Fireflies, the second edition in hopefully an ongoing series of 3-way split CDs on The Music Fellowship, finds the band holding hands with KINSKI and PAIK.
"Concert of Stars" is the 30-minute roof-raiser, marking some of the earliest sounds Surface of Eceyon ever uttered. Essential
stuff! Get it now, get it now, need I say get it now? Go to the Music Fellowship and treat yourself.

Fade In/Fade Out
has been garnering the praise it deserves. If you haven't hopped on their special gilded cloud then you best get
a' hopping, because this is Landing at their most transcendent. $9 ppd gets you a ride for life, so head to the Fade In/Fade Out
page...Landing can also be found on the latest Masstransfer #5 compilation, offering the exclusive track "Distant Lands". Listen while
you read the interview with the band featured in the very same issue! Don't forget to get your copy of New Found Land, the first 3-way split on the Music Fellowship, co-starring the great Yellow6 and Rothko...K Records has invited the band to release their next full-length, and they have accepted. Entitled Passages Through, the release should see light of day in May. Needless to say, this release will be similar in vein to Seasons (Ba Da Bing, 2001), shimmering away with lofty pop goodness. Just heard a sneak preview today and it is indeed fabulous, a great representation of all Landing has to offer. Super sweet!